HB11 Energy signs Australia-Spain bilateral laser fusion energy agreement, secures federal grant for $1.76M project

Australia’s first laser fusion energy company HB11 Energy has signed a bilateral agreement with the University of Salamanca (USAL) and the Spanish Pulsed Lasers Centre (CLPU), to accelerate laser fusion energy development in Australia and Spain. The agreement will give HB11 Energy access to Spain’s most powerful petawatt-class laser, operated by CLPU, which uses similar technology to the Livermore National Ignition Facility (NIF) where net energy gain was recently achieved. Australia’s Ambassador to Spain Sophia McIntyre attended the signing of the agreement, due to the huge national potential for the bilateral partnership to put both countries at the forefront of the… Read More

HB11 Energy is featured in Forbes Australia

HB11 Energy’s amazing journey to date and the story of our own 91-year-old theoretical physicist, Prof. Heinrich Hora, is currently one of the lead story in Forbes Australia. It details how Prof. Hora and Co-Founders Warren McKenzie and Jan Kirchhoff believe the company can radically change the future with a high-powered laser and new materials to create viable nuclear fusion. As reported: “Now, they say, they just need a $100 million laser of their own to prove it, and the Australian government to show some enthusiasm.” Read the full story: Harnessing the sweat… Read More

Capitalising Australia’s Clean Energy Opportunity at Citi Investment Conference 2022

Can Australia capitalise on its clean energy opportunity? This very hot topic headlined Day 2 of the 2022 Citi Australia & New Zealand Investment Conference, October 12-13, 2022. The panel included: Guy Debelle, CFO, Fortescue Future Industries – Australia’s competitive advantage for the hydrogen economy.Lea Lewin, Senior Project Manager, Beyond Zero Emissions – Australia $333Bn green export opportunity.Dr. Warren McKenzie, Managing Director, HB11 Energy – Australia’s ticket in the Fusion Energy race, which has already attracted more than $8 billion from Venture Capitalists with their eyes on the $40 trillion market of… Read More

HB11 Energy awarded $20M project as part of building the largest recycling and clean energy advanced manufacturing ecosystem in Australia

Australia’s first laser fusion energy company HB11 Energy has been awarded a $20 million project as part of Deakin University’s plans to build “the largest recycling and clean energy advanced manufacturing ecosystem in Australia”. The $20 million project comprises a ~$6 million grant from the $50 million granted to Deakin University through the Federal Government’s Trailblazer Universities Program, plus $14 million in contributions from partners. It will see HB11 Energy work with Deakin’s Recycling and Renewable Energy Commercialisation Hub (REACH) to manufacture hydrogen-boron fusion fuels. Hydrogen-boron reactions could provide large-scale power for… Read More

HB11 Energy awarded $22m laser project to build sovereign nuclear fusion energy capabilities

Australia’s first laser fusion energy company HB11 Energy will launch a $22 million project to develop the next-generation high-power lasers needed to create a multi-billion dollar nuclear fusion energy industry from Australia, and export this capability to the world. The HB11 Energy project forms part of a $50 million Trailblazer grant awarded to the University of Adelaide and University of New South Wales under the “Defence Trailblazer for Concept to Sovereign Capability” bid. It comprises a $6 million grant and $16 million in contributions from partners. HB11 Energy will assist with the… Read More

Investor Update: Series A now open to Sophisticated Investors

Thanks to those of you who have expressed an interest in investing in HB11 Energy. We are pleased to announce that HB11 Energy is now raising capital! We are seeking to raise USD$20m to fund the next stage of research as our global scientific team moves to meet a series of science and engineering milestones to take us closer to making nuclear fusion a commercial reality. We are currently meeting with Institutional Investors (Funds) and will open our round to Sophisticated Investors (High Net Worth Individuals) shortly. To see if you qualify… Read More

HB11 Energy talks about the future of clean energy at the [i3] Investment Innovation Institute

Earlier this month, HB11 Energy M.D., Dr. Warren McKenzie, gave a plenary talk about the future of energy at the [i3] Investment Innovation Institute Asset Allocation Forum in Bowral, NSW Australia. [i3]’s event provided a forum for leaders of major Australian funds, largely representing superannuation, to discuss investment strategies in unprecedented economic conditions. Talking fusion energy in a Keynote address to investors with more than one trillion dollars under management is not an opportunity that comes along every day. Warren spoke about the use of laser technology to fuse hydrogen and boron… Read More