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Thanks to those of you who have expressed an interest in investing in HB11 Energy. We are pleased to announce that HB11 Energy is now raising capital!

We are seeking to raise USD$20m to fund the next stage of research as our global scientific team moves to meet a series of science and engineering milestones to take us closer to making nuclear fusion a commercial reality. We are currently meeting with Institutional Investors (Funds) and will open our round to Sophisticated Investors (High Net Worth Individuals) shortly.

To see if you qualify as a Sophisticated Investor under the Australian Corporations Act 2001, please consider the Sophisticated Investor criteria outlined here.

  • Thank you if you’ve already notified us that you are a Sophisticated Investor.  If so, you have been added to the distribution list to receive investor information once it becomes available.
  • If you are a Sophisticated Investor and have not previously expressed interest, please contact us.

Note: It is difficult to do a retail offering for a company at our stage of development, so if you do not currently qualify as a Sophisticated Investor, please know that we are looking at how we can involve you in the future.

Thanks again for your continued support of HB11 Energy!