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HB11 Energy awarded $22m laser project to build sovereign nuclear fusion energy capabilities

Australia’s first laser fusion energy company HB11 Energy will launch a $22 million project to develop the next-generation high-power lasers needed to create a multi-billion dollar nuclear fusion energy industry from Australia, and export this capability to the world. The HB11 Energy project forms part of a $50 million Trailblazer grant awarded to the University… Read More

World-first: HB11 Energy demonstrates nuclear fusion using a laser

Australia’s first fusion energy company HB11 Energy has demonstrated a world-first ‘material’ number of fusion reactions by a private company, producing ten times more fusion reactions than expected based on earlier experiments at the same facility. HB11 Energy’s world-first results were published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal, Applied Sciences, and demonstrate non-thermal fusion of hydrogen… Read More

HB11 Energy appoints Prof. Dimitri Batani as Lead Scientist

Professor Dimitri Batani (University of Bordeaux and CELIA, France; Plasma Physics Group, University of Milano; Ph.D. in Physics University of Pisa, 1990) has been appointed as Lead Scientist for HB11 Energy. Prof. Batani has always been focused on the physics of laser-produced plasmas and has been involved in many of the early demonstrations of non-thermal… Read More

White Paper: The case for petawatt laser research infrastructure in Australia

High peak-power “Petawatt” lasers drive extreme light-matter interactions to generate plasmas and particle/photon jets with conditions of temperature, electric and magnetic fields strengths only otherwise found in extreme astrophysical events (centre of stars, supernova explosions, binary star accretion, edge of black holes). They have opened the field of high-energy-density physics, including many new opportunities for… Read More


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