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Earlier this month, HB11 Energy M.D., Dr. Warren McKenzie, gave a plenary talk about the future of energy at the [i3] Investment Innovation Institute Asset Allocation Forum in Bowral, NSW Australia. [i3]’s event provided a forum for leaders of major Australian funds, largely representing superannuation, to discuss investment strategies in unprecedented economic conditions. Talking fusion energy in a Keynote address to investors with more than one trillion dollars under management is not an opportunity that comes along every day.

Warren spoke about the use of laser technology to fuse hydrogen and boron 11 as a future source of low cost, clean energy. He emphasised to attendees that “this reaction does not create radioactive waste and has the potential to create safe, reliable and unlimited energy from elements that are abundant in nature”. With a new fundraise being launched soon, it provided a new perspective on ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) investments in energy as the industry is increasingly moving away from investments in oil and gas.

Warren must have been in form as he was voted ‘Best Speaker’ at the event. Read Warren’s presentation: ‘Fusion as a Source of Clean Energy’