U.S. House of Representatives offers support for Fusion Energy

HB11 Energy joins the Fusion Industry Association in applauding the U.S. House of Representatives for passing HR5376, the Build Back Better Act, because it will make transformative investments into fusion energy research, development, and deployment as a part of the legislation’s climate and energy provisions. The Build Back Better infrastructure package includes, among other sections, significant new investments into clean energy and climate change mitigation, with $555 billion set aside in the framework for these efforts. As fusion energy moves from the lab to the marketplace, it is poised to become a… Read More

HB11 Energy has scientific paper published in Optical Engineering

‘GREEN ENERGY GENERATION VIA OPTICAL LASER PRESSURE INITIATED NONTHERMAL NUCLEAR FUSION’ PAPER Two Australian scientists collaborating with HB11 Energy have just had a paper published in Optical Engineering – a monthly peer-reviewed scientific journal covering research, development and uses of optical science and engineering. Good friends and rock climbing enthusiasts, Francois Ladouceur (UNSW) and Alex Fuerbach (Macquarie University) co-authored the ‘Green energy generation via optical laser pressure initiated nonthermal nuclear fusion’ paper with HB11 Energy’s Prof. Heinrich Hora and Dr Warren McKenzie, who are also affiliated with UNSW Sydney. The paper explains… Read More