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As part of HB11 Energy’s ongoing research program, we are partnering with a team of scientists from the University of Bordeaux and the University of Osaka, conducting an experiment on the LFEX laser system.  Led by HB11 Lead Scientist, Prof. Dimitri Batani, the experiment is being held this week at the Institute of Laser Engineering, Osaka University.

LFEX is a unique laser system capable of delivering more than 1.5 kilojoules of energy in 1 picosecond. The goal of this experiment is to study the generation of proton beams using low density materials, which could be used as an efficient proton source for driving proton boron fusion reactions.

In the experiment, density and target geometry are changed to optimise the proton source for efficient alpha-particle generation inside a second boron target, exposed to the generated proton beam. The goal is to maximise the number of protons produced at energy levels close to the maximum value of the proton boron fusion cross-section. We look forward to the results of this experiment.