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HB11 Energy, a leader in developing a clean laser fusion technology is searching for a PhD QUALIFIED RESEARCHER to fill the position of Research Associate working on ICF/Laser Plasma theory.

About the Research
The research program will be dedicated to the characterization of ignition schemes and burn regimes of high-density hydrogen-boron fuels, with the inclusion of suprathermal effects.

The work to be done will be under the supervision of Prof. Fabio Belloni (UNSW).

Experience and Qualifications
A successful candidate should demonstrate advanced analytical research skills, fundamental knowledge of plasma physics theory/phenomenology, mastery in numerical calculus, and experience in consideration of charged-particle energy-loss and radiative processes in dense plasmas.

The research background in the fields of inertial confinement fusion, dense plasma hydrodynamics and kinetic plasma simulations would be definite advantage.

Working Modality
The working modality will be associated with European or Australian partnering universities, in-house or remote. Institutional and contractual terms will be arranged by the company following preferences and circumstances of the successful candidate.
We offer competitive compensation package advantageous over PostDoc position in academia.

The position has 2-year term with the option to extend for the next period.

Submission Details
Deadline for expression of interest and CV submission is June 25, 2023.