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Our partnering University of Catania, Italy is calling for a PhD student to join the group lead by Prof. Pablo Cirrone.

In collaboration with HB11 Energy, the successful candidate will perform experimental and theoretical research on  ‘advanced schemes enhancing the laser-triggered proton-boron fusion reaction in plasma for energy applications’.  Particular focus will be to quantify and optimize proton and alpha stopping in boron-containing plasma in a broad range of plasma parameters.

The PhD program activities will include:

  • Theoretical studies and simulation of ion/proton stopping in dense plasma
  • Design, preparation, execution, and analysis of experiments at various high power laser facilities around the world
  • Development of diagnostic systems for the study of the proton-11B fusion reaction in laser plasma environment

The PhD Student Program is bilaterally supported by the University and by HB11 Energy. The student will join the broadly international team and spend up to 3 months per year at HB11 Energy’s headquarter in Manly NSW, Australia, as well as around 1-2 months per year participating in HB11 Energy experiments at high power laser facilities in Europe and/or Japan and/or USA.

The Program is for a 3-year term starting on August 1, 2023. Applications to be submitted through the University website by June 6, 2023.

If you require more time for your application, please get in touch with HB11 Energy.