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With the 2nd International Workshop on Proton-Boron Fusion in Catania now concluded, we look towards the International Boron Symposium (BORON2022), to be held in Istanbul, Turkey from October 5-7, 2022. HB11 Energy’s Financial Director, Jan Kirchhoff, has been invited to speak at the Symposium.

Jan Kirchhoff at Boron2022
Jan Kirchhoff, speaker at BORON2022

Jointly hosted by Turkish Energy and the Nuclear and Mineral Research Agency Boron Research Institute, the main goal of BORON 2022 is to discuss the recent advances in industrial applications of boron and its related compounds, R&D and P&D activities and the strategic usage areas of boron. More than 20 national and international experts, scientists, state and private sector producers have been invited. Jan will present HB11 Energy’s novel approach for fusion energy using Hydrogen and Boron-11, detailing its many advantages over traditional approaches, which use heavy hydrogen isotopes as fuel.

If you’d like to attend or find out more about BORON 2022, head to:

HB11 Energy’s Financial Director, Jan Kirchhoff presenting at BORON2022