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On Day 4 – the final day of the 2nd International Workshop on Proton-Boron Fusion – HB11 Energy M.D., Dr. Warren McKenzie, delivered the closing address. In essence, Dr. McKenzie provided a reality check about what needs to be achieved by the scientific community before hydrogen-boron fusion can be used to produce clean energy. Despite the fact that engineering will be far simpler than DT-based fusion efforts once fusion gain can be achieved, there’s still much to be done.

Dr. McKenzie used HB11 Energy’s Technoeconomic model to paint the picture. It shows that challenges include the re-engineering of current laser systems to higher average powers, the need for new long-life diodes for laser pumping and for current opportunities to set sensible regulations that respect the inherent safety aspects of proton boron fusion.

Dr. Warren McKenzie delivers the closing address

This workshop provided a great opportunity for the global fusion community to gather and identify current technological challenges and future steps. Photo shows HB11 Team Members Dr. McKenzie and Lead Scientist Prof. Dimitri Batani in Catania.

Click here for details of the 2nd International Workshop on Proton-Boron Fusion timetable.