Research Team

HB11 Energy has recently appointed Professor Dimitri Batani as Lead Scientist, responsible for the scientific strategy intended to get HB11 to Net Energy Gain. The HB11 Energy Research Team is joined by collaborators from Australia, USA, Europe and Asia.


Prof. Heinrich Hora
Scientific Director

Professor Emeritus in Theoretical Physics of the University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney), Heinrich Hora is a renowned physicist who has made contributions to solid state physics, optical properties of plasma with relativistic and quantum effects and nonlinear dynamics with applications of lasers for producing nuclear fusion energy. It was Heinrich who in the 1970s predicted that the HB11 approach would become viable when laser technology evolved to its current state. BIO

Prof. Dimitri Batani
Lead Scientist

Currently works at The Intense Lasers and Applications Center (CELIA) at the University of Bordeaux where he’s conducting research in Plasma Physics, notably the study of Shock Ignition physics for inertial confinement fusion. BIO

Sergey Pikuz
Lead Scientist

Research specializing in experimental high energy density physics with high-power optical lasers, X-ray free electron lasers and X-ray plasma diagnostics. BIO

Dr. Adi Paterson
Scientific Advisory Board

Principal of Siyeva Consulting, brings experience in energy policy, systems and technology, and innovation. He served as CEO of Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) from 2009-2020 where he developed Australia’s formal relationship with iTER. He was recognised as Professional Engineer of the Year (Sydney Division) in 2012 and is an Honorary Fellow of Engineers Australia. BIO

Dr. E. Michael Campbell
Scientific Advisory Board

Director, Laboratory of Laser Energetics, University of Rochester BIO

Prof. Thomas A. Mehlhorn
Scientific Advisory Board

Adjunct Professor at Nuclear Engineering & Radiological Sciences Department, University of Michigan BIO

Prof. Dieter H. H. Hoffmann
Scientific Advisory Board

Head, Radiation- and Nuclear Physics Department, Institut für Kernphysik Technische Universität Darmstadt BIO

Prof. Shalom Eliezer
Scientific Advisory Board

SOREQ Research Center BIO

Prof. George Miley
Scientific Advisory Board

Department Nuclear, Plasma & Radiology Engineering, University of Illinois BIO