HEINRICH HORA, Dr.rer.nat., D.Sc., FAIP, FInstP(London), FRSN
Edward Teller Medal, Dirac Medal, Ernst Mach Medal

Scientific Director of HB11, Professor Emeritus in Theoretical Physics of the University of New South Wales (UNSW Sydney), Heinrich Hora is a renowned physicist who has made contributions to solid state physics, optical properties of plasma with relativistic and quantum effects and nonlinear dynamics with applications of lasers for producing nuclear fusion energy. It was Heinrich who in the 1970s predicted that the HB11 approach would become viable when laser technology evolved to its current state. BIO



Managing Director of HB11, Warren McKenzie, PhD (Materials Science / Nanotechnology) is a science entrepreneur, materials scientist and Fellow of the Royal Society of New South Wales. He has held two post-doctorate research positions, at Trinity College in Dublin and at the University of NSW. Warren has considerable experience establishing large scientific collaborations and transforming them into companies. In addition to his role at HB11, he is Director and CEO of Advanced Alloy Holdings and former CEO of Indee Labs Australia. Warren has been acknowledged as a finalist for the prestigious 2020 Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award conducted by Business News Australia. BIO


Financial Director of HB11, Jan Kirchhoff has a background in investment banking and investment fund operations, with a broad knowledge of regulated and unregulated investment vehicles and fintech companies. With a deep understanding of global energy markets he is responsible for market strategy as well as all financial and legal aspects of HB11. BIO


Lukasz Gadowski serves as a Director of HB11. He is an entrepreneur and investor with a mission to deliver a better future via technology and a focus on clean energy. Lukasz is Co-founder and Partner at Team Europe – a technology investment company and one of Europe’s leading incubator groups. He also founded Deliveryhero, a multinational public company in takeout food delivery. He is also an early investor in Volocopter, an electric “Airtaxi” OEM. BIO