Recent nuclear fusion experiment the biggest scientific breakthrough ‘of the century’

This interview was published in Sky News, 14 December 2022: Recent nuclear fusion experiment the biggest scientific breakthrough ‘of the century’ HB11 Energy’s Managing Director Warren McKenzie has discussed the latest nuclear fusion experiment conducted at the US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Nuclear fusion is a process that occurs inside the sun, whereby two nuclei combine to form a heavier nucleus. This reaction releases energy that can be harnessed to create electricity without contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. The recent experiment at the San Francisco lab used lasers to hit… Read More

US scientists confirm ‘major breakthrough’ in nuclear fusion

This article was published in The Guardian, 14 December 2022: US scientists confirm ‘major breakthrough’ in nuclear fusion Scientists have confirmed a major breakthrough has been made that could pave the way for abundant clean energy in the future after more than half a century of research into nuclear fusion. Researchers at the US National Ignition Facility in California said fusion experiments had released more energy than was pumped in by the lab’s enormous, high-powered lasers, a landmark achievement known as ignition or energy gain. According to Dr Warren McKenzie, founder &… Read More

HB11 Energy creates coalition of global lasertech heavyweights, to establish an Australian sovereign laser industry

Australia’s first laser fusion energy company HB11 Energy has created a coalition of global laser technology heavyweights to kickstart a new Australian laser industry, aiming to develop an ultra high intensity petawatt-class laser facility in this country. This consortium will see Australia pioneer many new areas of technology, including clean fusion energy generation, sovereign advanced manufacturing capability, and Ultrashort & Short Pulse Laser (USPL) education and talent. It will include, among others, engineering multinational Thales Group, Japan’s first-ever laser fusion company EX-Fusion, the University of Adelaide, long-time global leaders in high-energy laser… Read More

HB11 Energy is featured in Forbes Australia

HB11 Energy’s amazing journey to date and the story of our own 91-year-old theoretical physicist, Prof. Heinrich Hora, is currently one of the lead story in Forbes Australia. It details how Prof. Hora and Co-Founders Warren McKenzie and Jan Kirchhoff believe the company can radically change the future with a high-powered laser and new materials to create viable nuclear fusion. As reported: “Now, they say, they just need a $100 million laser of their own to prove it, and the Australian government to show some enthusiasm.” Read the full story: Harnessing the sweat… Read More